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My husband and I, along with the help of vendors and great friends operate and orgnaize our event tables. In 2016, I opened our home bakery. Our primary focus was and still is -- to offer a product that is comfort and dear to our hearts. Along with this, we decides to create dessert tables and candy bars for children parties and small social events.


I realized  shortly after opening the bakery I was offering more than just baked goods. I had customers asking me to help with decor and  creating dessert tables, candy bars  and more. I found myself offering services for free time after time. That's when we decided to start creating/designing  tables for children events and small formal gatherings. 


We work from our home bakery offering desserts and additional delights created with kids friendly ideas in mind. I have always been involved with events, whether it was for school, church, family, friends or work, it’s something I have always enjoyed. I love being a part of a celebration that makes others happy. With the help of my spouse, children, family, dearest friends and a growing team.We work hard to help you remember your child’s special day. It's important to create every event as if it were designed for our own children or family members.



Events/ Parties


 A Child's Birthday party

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