Anyone down for a cup of Abuelita and Pan Dulce

Making a few updates to the business and website. I've added two new menus for specialty and pan dulce. Im working on adding new recipes to the menu. I know if been out of touch but i have been working hard on my Pan dulce line and I really think you will like what's coming out soon.

Now a days, most of the Pan Dulce Bakeries are charging high prices due to the fast not enough profit but like i said before i want to bring back the childhood memories not the worries of being a adults. I've learned a lot from opening this bakery. Primarily, people have a special connection with sweet and childhood. With all the stress we have as a grown up wouldn't it be nice for just one moment, we could close our eyes and indulge in a dessert only to rewind us back in time to remember grandparents ( abuelita and abuelo), cousins, tia's and tio's setting around ,eating and laughing and most of those carefree days. For the latin culture, we hold our loved ones memories close to heart and we celebrate with showing our love through our food and desserts. LIke everyone says , bake with love and that is what i intend to do!.

I do have a few available to offer and more listed "coming soon" on the menu. If there is a special Pan Dulce you hold dear please let me know i would love to master it for you. with winter and Holidays approaching soon i'm working even harder to have these traditional baked goods ready to go.

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Thank you all

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