Liquor baked & Confection desserts.

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to follow our new blog featuring our new section of liquor + infused desserts. In this blog post we’ll share the our new and different style we've come to love.

Infused baked Goods

From your Liquor cabinet to your sweet treats.

If you own or have ever owned a line of Spirit beverages in your home and never really use them, you tend to forget about them. Let’s change that and make it a favorite item in two areas in your home, the bar area and the kitchen.

Believe or not, your liquor is now an ingredient for your baked treat and confection treats. You have everything you need to put together your favorite treat and now "surprise" our kid’s favorite dessert is now a grown-up dessert.

New challenge, keeping them out of kids view!

Our blog is our one place you can read and view pictures about our favorite and new liquor dessert and confection treats.

To order Liquor desserts email us at and input LIQUOR in the subject line.

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