Lucia’s Baked Delights is located in Oakley, CA.USA. We do not have a storefront open to the public. We operate solely as a home-based bakery. Our baked goods are made in a Home Kitchen.



Lucia's Baked Delights is fully licensed, certified, food safety approved and Insured. We follow all guidelines required by law and all permits, licenses and certificates are issued by the City of Oakley and Contra Costa County. We are Insured through the Food Liability Insurance Program(FLIP).



Our baked goods are made to order and must be picked up on the agreed date. Orders are picked up at Lucia's Baked Delights location. Most orders will be given a two (2) to three (3) hour timeframe to be  picked up.


We normally begin preparations one to two days in advance for personal and small orders. Medium and large orders are started five days or more  in advance. We calculate the time it takes to purchase items, bake and labor. Most baked goods can take approximately a minimum of two (2) to eight (8) hours to prepare and bake.  For this reason, we ask that you provide us with ample time when considering  an order. All our baked goods are made from scratch. NO baked goods are made ahead of time.



We offer several options such as placing an order over the phone, in person, online and by email. Any questions prior to placing an order can be asked using the Chat inbox, calling us directly or by email at



Orders submitted after hours and during weekends will need to be sent via email. An order will stand as pending until the next business day or  until we have confirmed and processed payment. We will still make it a priority to contact the customer within 24 business hours from the time the order is received.  


LAST MINUTE ORDERS – Last minute orders are orders that are submitted for next day pick up. These orders  are final and  cannot be changed. No Refunds and  No Credits will be honored.



We do not ship or mail orders.  


Please discuss with us if you or any of your guests have food allergies or special dietary requirements. All Allergens are listed on our labels. We will make it a priority to make sure all food allergies are made a high factor throughout the baking process and table preparations.

* Remember we DO NOT specialize in gluten free, sugar free, keto, or vegan diets.



We strongly advise you to choose a time to pick up your order closest to the start time  of your gathering.  We advise placing baked goods on a flat surface in the vehicle to keep baked goods from being damaged. We suggest bringing additional help to carry the baked goods and help supervise during the travel or when you have reached your destination. 



Lucia's Baked Delights can  deliver  large orders  if needed.  Local Deliveries only within Oakley, as a courtesy, are FREE. All other deliveries  require a fee. This fee is for the delivery only and should be paid prior to the drop off. Deliveries range from $25.00 and up. 



Delivery charges are calculated on Fuel and/ or  toll basis. Alternatively, Baked Goods can be collected from our premises. If you choose delivery, it is our intention that your baked goods will be delivered in perfect condition prior to the start of your event. However, we ask for patience with factors that may be beyond our control (e.g. traffic conditions, weather conditions) as we cannot be held liable for any such delays. In some circumstances, we may recommend the baked goods be delivered one (1) day in advance. It is your responsibility to inform us of your correct location  for the delivery. In the  event of a late delivery, the maximum compensation will be a refund of the delivery price.


LUCIA'S BAKED DELIGHTS will not be held liable for any damages that are rendered to the baked goods after we have left the premises. Keep in mind, we require somebody responsible to check the baked goods before we leave.



Late requests for delivery made  after securing the booking, will be accommodated where possible but we cannot guarantee, as earlier delivery commitments must take priority.


LUCIA’S BAKED DELIGHTS do not advise Baked Goods to be refrigerated before the start of your party or event. All Baked goods need to be placed in a cool area away from sunlight and heat to avoid melting and moisture buildup which can result in a risk of losing its texture, structure and/or becoming non-edible. Refrigeration is not advisable but, in the event that the edibles do need to be refrigerated please use your best judgment and allow baked goods to sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes prior to serving


All  prices through the bakery are non-negotiable. All prices for the Tables Packages are priced according to your exact design and the size of your package. 


We are not allowed to charge taxes on baked goods, All Packages have set fees. We pay all sales taxes on edible items. Taxes for non-edibles and rentals are considered in the package fee.


A deposit is required as noted below. If a date changes the client is responsible to contact us. We will honor a transfer of the deposit for the new date. 



Mandatory 25% NON-Refundable Deposit is required for MEDIUM SIZE ORDERS 

Mandatory 35% NON-Refundable Deposit is required for LARGE ORDERS. 

Mandatory 50% NON- Refundable Deposit is required for TABLE PACKAGES 

Mandatory $50.00 NON- Refundable Deposit is required for CAKE ORDERS to save the date..


ORDER SIZES (Bake Goods only) 


Personal or Small orders can be placed and picked up within the same week but not the same day. We will advise that you give us at least one (1) to three  (3) business days to prepare and bake. You may also schedule a pickup date further out in advance if preferred.  Assorted baked goods of this size average $50.00 or less. This size will feed an average of 15 people or less.  All orders must be paid in full at the time of placing the order. NO REFUNDS ARE HONORED 


We require that you place all orders at least seven (7) to fourteen (14) business days in advance to prepare and bake. Assorted baked goods of this size average $50.00-$75.00. Averaging around 15-30 people. All orders must be paid in full at the time of placing the order. All orders placed in advance for a pickup date of more than fourteen (14) business days are required to pay a Mandatory 25% non-refundable deposit. This will hold the order and time slot. This fee is paid at the time of placing the order. The remaining balance is due no later than five (5) Business days prior to the agreed date. If payment is not made by the agreed date, the order will be voided.


We require One (1) Month in advance or more. Assorted baked goods of this size average $75.00-$100.00 and can average fewer than 100 people. All Large orders submitted require a Mandatory 35% NON-Refundable Deposit. This will hold the order and time slot. This fee is paid at the time of placing the order. The remaining balance is due no later than five (5) Business days prior to the agreed date. If payment is not made by the agreed date, the order will be voided.


*Customers who submit an order for two (2) months or more  in advance can request to make partial payments. The Invoice will need to be paid in full no later than 14 Business Days prior to the agreed date. If payment is not made in full by the agreed date, the order will be voided. All unused funds will not be refunded. A refund will only be honored if a written notice is handed in following the terms of conditions guideline or in the event an emergency arises. 

​**Please see Parties & Events Conditions for orders over a balance of $100.00


PARTIAL PAYMENT (Bake Goods only)

We understand it can get costly when planning for events. We will accommodate customers planning two (2) months or more in advance will have the option to split payments making up to four (4) small payments. 

Two options you may have are: 

  1. Customers can make the deposit + partial payment of half down then the remaining balance will need to be paid in full no later than 14 business days prior to the event.

  2. Customers can make four (4) payments. 1st payment is the non- refundable deposit; the remaining balance will be stretched out in three (3) payments with the 3rd payment being made 14 business days prior to the event.




It’s important to remember- We require 72 business hours’ notice for all changes. All orders will be given a date to cancel or make changes after submitting the order. No changes to size, flavor or decoration can be made after this time. We are happy to add small baked goods (cupcakes, cookies, etc.) to an order if you need to serve more guests. Most of our orders have a shelf life of three (3) to five (5) days. All Last-minute alterations or add-ons that require additional fees will need to be paid in full. NO Deposit, NO Refunds, NO Credits for this transaction  

CANCELLATIONS (non-including parties and events).

We require written notice three (3) Business days’ prior to the agreed date via email or handwritten. Emails can be sent to NO refunds will be honored if you cancel after the three (3) Business days’ deadline. All orders paid in full or partial payments made in advance can request a refund, yet refunds will be issued only for the unused funds. This is minus the non-refundable deposit and produce (food) purchases already made.


 ONLY for Emergencies; at the discretion of the owner, it will be  decided if  a portion of the deposit or unused funds may be issued as a refund.


For date changes, we can transfer the non-refundable deposit to the new date along with unused funds applied as a credit. We will hold this date  for a period of six (6) months from the date we are notified, unless alternative options are agreed upon by the owner and customer.



We provide a standard selection of buttercream, fondant and naked cakes. We do not specialize in custom cakes. All cakes are calculated by the number of servings sizes (celebration vs wedding).We have a set selection of tier combinations and prices for buttercream, fondant and naked cakes. Changes to the cake tiers and layers will accrue additional fees which will be added and change the set total.Cakes are sold separately or added to a package. For packages, we set aside the fee from the event service balance to guarantee payment. Cake orders can be sent to


Cakes are made with fillings of buttercream, purees, mousse and can include seasonal fresh fruit. When requesting fresh fruit, it is important to choose a fruit in season. Searching for fruit out of season delivers issues with the freshness and cost. There is an additional  fee per tier for Fresh fruit on buttercream and fondant cakes. Naked cakes already include the fee for fruit and flowers. Please take into consideration the weather when requesting certain frostings. See our menu for cake flavors, buttercream for frosting and filling selections.


*We have a selection of standard cakes to choose from. The baker cannot guarantee the same cake is available all year*


Allow  two (2) to six (6) months in advance for single and tiered cake orders.. If you request additional tiers and layers, the baker has the right to add  a non-refundable fee of 50% to be paid at the time of the new order. This is a separate payment from the original order. 


A general timeframe is as follows :  

4,6,8 inch single tier cakes -prep time 2-3 days in advance

10,12, 14,16 inch single tier cakes - prep time 3-5 days in advance

Multi tier cakes- 7-14 days in advance (with no orders pending) 

*For Cakes - We request a minimum of  at least 2 month in advance


Every cake has a base cost determined by the number of servings. You can find my base pricing on our menu.


We can provide you with an estimated quote with the base price plus additional fees.  To place an order you will be required to pay a $50 non refundable deposit. The deposit will lock in your date, lock in the quote. and will go toward the total. All cake orders under $100 will need to be paid in full at the time the order was placed. 



We operate using our personally owned machine. We use icing sheets and wafer paper

(aka rice paper).We use ink FDA certified GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)). 

This meaning as having been adequately shown to be safe under the conditions of its intended use, or unless the use of the substance is otherwise excepted from the definition of a food additive. 



You may use an outside baker if you prefer. We request for an update notifying in writing with the name and phone number of the company This will help us stay in communication with the baker for the customer. We will make necessary notes to the contract. 



Our primary focus is to make  your event sweet!. We offer Dessert Tables and Cupcake and Cookies parties for special birthday and small parties. We also offer Cake & Tower packages designed for receptions and small  weddings. We're available for events, gatherings and  children's parties which include  baby showers, birthdays, religion or social events for special interests such as school, sports and annual milestones. For more info, email us at


        LBD cannot guarantee the decor, design, rentals or perishables to be exact  



We recommend at least Three (3) to Six (6) months or more in advance to book a date and consultation. Allow enough time to plan so we can have ample time to accommodate your order. Services we offer are Dessert Tables  and Cupcakes and Cookies parties. For additional questions read the FAQ or you may contact us by phone or email.


Consultations are arranged as an e-consult either as zoom or phone. Customer’s may email their ideas and details for us to review to After reviewing, we will be better equipped  to present ideas and/or alternatives that fit your theme and budget. Once a consult is requested, we will reply by email to supply the zoom meeting information or call the customer. We want to accomplish the goal of answering questions, talking about your plans and ideas and explaining the pros and cons. This is done with the hope all details are understood and finalized. Following your consultation, your quote is valid for one (1) month, should you decide to think about it before moving forward and paying the deposit. Once the customer is ready to start services we will schedule a sit-down meeting (if allowed)  and discuss the budget, payment, set up a taste test appointment and  any further questions  then end with a signed contract. Paying your deposit will secure the date. 



We offer  taste tests services for baked goods to have at your sit-down consultation. The customer is limited to choose 2 selections that are on the menu. The selections should be from the package they have chosen. The selection is limited to a half dozen. There is a Mandatory $35.00 fee for samples. This fee will cover the ingredients and must be paid at the time of scheduling your consultation. Please make a secure decision, this is a NON-Refundable fee for service



We require a window frame of at least two (2) hours prior to the start time to set up the table/s. Ample time is necessary to lay out Linens, Décor, Baked goods and additional services.


We require a NON-Refundable Deposit of 20% paid up front for the agreed package to guarantee and lock in the date for services. This is paid at the time the contract is signed. 


We require 50% of the balance to be paid before services can begin. This is not necessarily paid at the same time as the 20% deposit but remember to plan accordingly. 


The total balance must be paid in full no later than 14 business days prior to the event date. If not paid by the agreed date the contract is voided 


FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS (contracted vendor)

This service is a set number of arrangements included in the package of choice. Additional arrangements will accrue additional fees which will be added and alter the set package total. Depending on the package, we will set aside the fee from the event service balance to guarantee payment to the vendor. Email us at

Please include the best phone number where you can be reached. We will do our best to reply the same day but request a window of 24 hours or next business day to reply.

*When requesting a floral arrangement, make sure the flowers are in season. Send pictures of examples of floral arrangements or attach a site of social media to view (e.g. Pinterest). It is important to remember the florist cannot guarantee that all flowers are available due to location or seasons. The florist will try to provide a product to resemble as close as possible to what is requested. Reservations can be made as far as six (6) months in advance.

 If a request is submitted for additional floral arrangements aside from the amount included in the package the florist has the right to require a 50% non-refundable payment up front at the time of placing the order.



​Customers are encouraged to communicate by email or phone. We encourage you to document all communications to eliminate misunderstanding. Email is best to express ideas and details by forwarding pictures and other attachments. We normally reply by email or phone within 24 hours. Here are the important emails to stay in touch with us.


General information or questions                

 Annamaria Rostran                                        

 Fernando Rostran (Spanish speaking)       

 Cancellations for services                               

 Request a Consultations                                

 Reschedule a date                                             

 Request services, info or questions             

 Question, orders or general info                  

 Question, orders or general info                  



To help our customers with their budget we carry a small selection of supplies such as candy jars either in glass or plastic and a small selection of linens. We include a selection of rentals per package. If additional rentals are needed, we will require a small deposit for the item. This will secure the use of the event. We can help secure rentals for customers for supplies we do not have in stock. Depending on the size of the rental we can deliver the item to the location.  We can also deliver balloons for the tables décor if requested. These options should be decided at the consultation and surcharge fees will be added to your invoice.


Customers should report all breakages or damages found or created by the customer immediately. Breakages or damages to supplies provided by Lucia’s Baked Delights during the event that are fixable will result in a cost for repair. This fee is at the discretion of the owner.  Breakages or Damages that are non-fixable will result in full replacement cost of the product.

PARTIAL PAYMENTS (Parties and Events)

We understand it can become expensive planning parties or an event. Customers planning two (2) months or more in advance will have the option to split payments allowing the minimum of four (4) small payments. Orders need to be paid in full no later than 14 business days prior to the agreed date. If full payment is not made by the agreed date, the services will be voided. NO Refunds or Credits will be applied.


Two options you may have are:


•    Customers planning with a two (2) month time frame.

•    Customers can make the 20% deposit + 50% down. 

•    The Remainder of the balance will need to be paid in full no later than 14 business days prior to the event.



Customers planning more than three (3) months in advance can make four (4) payments. 

•    Customer's make the 1st payment which is the 20% non-refundable deposit; the remaining balance will be stretched out in three (3) payments. 

-The 2nd payment is the 50% down payment no later than two (2) weeks from the contract signed date.(Remember services will not begin until this is paid). 

-The 3rd payment made is half of the pending balance.

-The 4th payment with the remaining balance paid in full no later than 14 business days prior to the event



Customers’ who need to reschedule for a future date, will only be given a time frame of no more than 6 months in advance. You may apply the deposit and down payments along with additional payments to a future date. 

The customer will need to remember to email to give written notice no later than 14 business days prior to the agreed date and along with update information with a date plus any changes to details. 

*Things to remember:

- The customer is responsible to contact outside vendors and all agreements made with the vendors.

- Deposits /down payment can be held and transfer for same party only; Deposits are    

  non-refundable; unused funds can be held and applied to the new date. 

- No Credit issued for payments made toward purchases made for the event. 

- NO Refunds or credits are honored if the customer does not notify us in a timely       


 -Rentals included in package agreements and deposits made for additional selections will be

  transferred over to the new date 



Customers who need to cancel without rescheduling, will need to email a written notice to The same details listed above apply.  

-The customer is responsible to contact outside vendors and all agreements made with the vendors.

-  Deposits are non-refundable; unused funds can be refunded with proper written notification. 

- No Credit issued for payments made toward purchases made for the event. 

- Rentals included in package agreements will be voided and deposits made for additional selections refunded.


Customers who choose to reschedule for a date more than six (6) months in advance will need to cancel providing us written notice and re-contact us when it is closer to the new date.



We reserve the right to make changes to our prices as  we see fit or needed. We review our prices and packages annually and adjust when the economy fluctuates. We may raise or lower prices on our menu  but will never alter or affect a locked-in sale, contact or package with a paid deposit. 



Lucia’s Baked Delights is happy to offer the payment option of Cash, Credit/Debit cards and Personal Checks. The deposit and down payment must be made in full by cash or credit/debit and the payment method has cleared from the bank or franchise, the client will be able to give a check post dated for a future date and/ or fill out a Credit Card authorization form to hold on file for the future payments. We will deposit checks unless the customer notifies our business within 72 business hours prior to the original date to deposit payment and will be presenting a different payment method. 


We are happy to offer the option to pay with Cash and Personal Checks submitted in person. 

Please make Checks payable to: Lucia's Baked Delights.

Credit and Debit cards can be used for payment. You are given the option to use a credit/ debit  card or Paypal at checkout for online payments as well as offline manually input or swipe in person.​ Credit cards  accepted are VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. 


We now accept Venmo  as a payment method. 

Quick links to open VENMO- 

Customers who want to pay using venmo must notify  first to inform the method of payment . If the customer wishes to order online select the Manual Payment during the check out process. The payment will be added as an offline /manual transaction. 


A refund will only be honored with the approval of the owner. Only with a written notice, for a cancellation turned in three (3) business days prior to the agreed date via email or handwritten.  See the Cancellations Condition section above. Refunds will be returned in the same form they are received. Email for additional questions or concerns



Offer will only be honored on baked goods. Not allowed to use on table Packages. Offer may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, code, coupon and/or offer. Promotions have no cash value. Promotions and sales are subject to a limited time and /or year. Offer valid on items only. No rain checks issued. Promotions can not be used on other items not listed. No returns or credit/ refunds accepted. Do not honor credits toward purchase for another or future purchase.Other restrictions may apply. Cash Value 1/10¢.


Offer will only be honored on baked goods. Not allowed to use on table Packages. Sales tax, shipping & handling do not qualify for discounts. Offers are not redeemable for cash or gift cards, nor is it valid toward previous purchases. Offer may not be combined with any other coupons, discounts, offers, or promotions. Void if altered, copied, transferred, auctioned or sold. Offer valid on  items only. No rain checks issued.  Other restrictions may apply. Cash Value 1/10¢.


Customers must present the gift card or certificate at the time of purchase to receive the dollar or discount amount off the orders total price.The GC/Certificate may not be redeemable for cash. Can not be combined with other GC/certificates, coupons, discounts, offers, or promotions. Not refundable or transferable. Void if altered, copied, transferred, auctioned or sold. Offer valid on  items only. No rain checks issued.  Other restrictions may apply. Cash Value 1/10¢.


It is understood by all persons the responsibility of the debt remains with the check-writer until the collection process is completed. Customers present a check payment and are not considered paid until the check clears the bank or franchise.

Requirements for writing a check:

correct name as inputted at the branch the check was issued

Government ID/ Driver’s license number 

current address and phone number


Persons who submit checks for payment that are returned due to insufficient funds, stopped payments, inability to locate, etc. will be responsible for paying the full amount of the check that was returned as well as a MANDATORY $35.00 returned check fee,

We will allow one (1) additional attempt and ONLY acceptable forms of payments for returned check/s are cash, cashier’s check or Credit/Debit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard and AMEX, we will also allow PayPal. Payment MUST be received within Ten (10) business days of being notified of a returned check or the contract and services will be voided.



Persons who submit Credit cards or Debit cards for payment that are declined will be responsible to contact the bank or franchise to ask what issues occurred for the declined transaction. We will allow one (1) additional attempt of payment. You may use another Credit / Debit card or form of payment such as cash, cashier's check, or personal check. 


Lucia’s Baked Delights will like to thank you for your patience as you took time to read through the policy/terms and conditions. All Associates appreciate your business and customer satisfaction is very important to us. Please keep us included with all changes made on your side and/or changes that need to be adjusted on our side. We understand your time is sensitive and equally important. We hope this policy has answered questions or has given a better understanding to your thoughts. We look forward to having you as a 



©2021  Lucia's Baked Delights


*We reserve the right to revise or make changes to the Terms and Condition when and as needed.